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The work of François has a considerable emotional force. He has a knack for showing what is usually hidden. He translates in pictures our secret impulses and unspoken fears. By putting them in front of us, he invites us to a radical introspection. Personally, I must confess that my first impression is still not fully dissipated today.

Jacqueline D.


I can say: monsters are not bad. They are just different!

(I have some of them as close friends)

Welcome on this news Web site where I present my daily work. Some pieces presented here, as preview, are still not yet finished.

My current work, somewhere between the fine arts and graphic arts, is based on the spectacular staging of the human body. I hope, through it, via various media (drawing, painting and sculpture) and with a fairytale vision but very strange and a little scary (a bit like the one of Tim Burton or Jean-Pierre Jeunet) to question the place of humans in the world and the individual in his own culture.

My imagination, cosmopolitan and multi-centered is based on both the history of arts, traditional arts and the popular culture. It wants to be a key of dreams to give you the desire of an inner journey. See U inside!

François Planchu


Most of these recent artworks are still for sale.
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